who am I hypno agent

My name is Scott Peterson and I design some crazy stuff. I'm 21 and currently living in a little town called South Weber, located in Utah. I went to school at Stevens Henager, majoring in graphic arts. I'm now ready to take on the world!

I've been doing graphic design for about three years now. I love doing it and I'm always drawing in my sketchbook, so I never run out of ideas. I try to be creative and different when it comes to my designs finding inspiration from anything like music, graphic novels, and video games. You can say I'm a nerd.

I'm currently unemployed and on the look out for any work out there, so please feel free to contact me if you need my services in branding, print, or advertising. Go ahead and contact me. You have the job I have the time.

i specialize in the following
  • Illustrations
  • Print Design
  • Digital Art
  • Logo Design
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Branding
download my resume

Want me to help you with your next project? Contact me and let's talk!

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